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Hannah King, Owner - SL Studio

Meet Hannah and explore more on how the SL Studio came to be.

Train with me!

A Bit About Me

I grew up in Germany and moved to the US in 2015. I've been caring about health & wellness my entire life and dreaming of helping others be the best version of themselves. 

Growing up as a professional dancer I won my States, Germanys and Europeans championships multiple times. 


Over time my dedication to movement evolved towards a more wholesome approach to health and wellness which led to the creation of Squadstyle Lifestyle - my personal training brand that started out as a Facebook support group for women to live healthy & be happy.

After three years of pursuing personal training my brand expanded into the SL Studio. Frederick's first coworking space with private gym.

I'm excited to continue inspiring and impacting the Squadstyle Lifestyle community to live their happiest life and be their best selves.

What does SL stand for?
Squadsyle Lifestyle

We are stronger together as a 'squad'! 

Squadstyle is a community where hard working people join together to become the best version of themselves. 

We are here to encourage you to never compromise on your dreams so help you become the best version of yourself in all aspects of life. 

We can do this in Squadstyle!

The quality and longevity of your life comes back to your lifestyle choices. I chose the word "lifestyle"  to stress the importance of understanding that a healthy lifestyle is a CHOICE - a way of living that you can choose to pursue.​

Create new habits, set new standards, always work towards a better you, and don't settle. When you are truly happy in all aspects of life and you have established a new way of living that will make you thrive. 

We help people prioritize their own wellness in order to achieve more at work and in life.




We do that by offering
a modern coworking office purposefully designed towards
personal development.

Hannah's Timeline

Summer 2015

2016 - 2017

February 2018


I finished my A-Levels in Economics with a major in Mathematics and wanted to take time to perfect my English. Speaking fluent English is very important in my city - Frankfurt. I started my Au Pair time in North Potomac where I watched 3 little boys.

I perfected my English and explored the country while also struggling with the temptations of the American food. I gained weight and felt self conscious and uncomfortable. No quick fix or fad diet would help me keep the weight off. 

I taught myself the basics of living a healthy lifestyle which led to losing the weight, keeping it off, and being more happy from the inside. I opened the Facebook Group 'Squadstyle Lifestyle' to share my knowledge and help others establish a healthy lifestyle. This is also when I started training women all over the world virtually. 

While I finished up my Au Pair year, I felt inspired and passionate about pursuing a health oriented career. The first step was becoming a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. At the same time I went to Montgomery College to study Exercise Science. 

Squadstyle was growing into in-person training at an independent gym. So, I continued establishing my brand and teaching myself how to run a business, find & keep clients, sales, and accounting. 



August 2021 - present

My husband, Jimmy, and I transformed out 2-car garage into a private gym and Squadstyle was taking off. My schedule was fully booked and I felt truly fulfilled and happy to be helping so many amazing people. To continue our growth we saw the need for a health inspired workspace and started exploring our space options.

I signed the lease to the SL Studio in January and Jimmy & I decided to take on the project of building Frederick's healthiest Space to be. We transformed the entire space into a modern coworking office that includes a private gym along with amenities that prioritize personal development.

We celebrated our Grand Opening and are grateful to feel so welcomed in the Frederick Community. It fills me with pure excitement to position myself and the SL Studio to help individuals & businesses on their journey of living healthy & being happy.