About Us


to help you implement sustainable healthy habits, so that you can live a fulfilling life.


by offering wellness consulting and a community operated space for 
work & wellness.

Owner SL Studio & 

Wellness Consultant


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Hannah grew up in Germany and after finishing school in 2015, she moved to Maryland to perfect her english.

That is also when she started sharing her health & fitness journey with her group 'Squadstyle Lifestyle'.

She is a NASM certified personal trainer, studied exercise science, and coached women all over the world. 

The lack of work-life balance in peoples lives inspired Hannah & Jimmy to open a space where work & wellness is merged. They opened a space for people to work at, workout, and explore what 'healthy' means to them.

Hannah's focus remains on wellness consulting and coaching individuals and businesses on prioritizing their own health to live a fulfilled life. ​

SL Studio

Community Manager


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Jimmy grew up in Frederick and has worked in the health & wellness industry for 15 years. Working jobs from Front Desk to General manager and almost everything in between.


Alongside some other jobs, Jimmy serves as the Community Manager for SL Studio. He is there to help members get & stay connected with everything the studio offers. From onboarding new members to being a continued resource for success in the space.

His passion lies in helping people execute on fundamentals that become the building blocks for a healthy lifestyle.  

“I believe that if you practice & prioritize your own wellness, you will be able to achieve more at work & in life.”