All Inclusive Memberships

Whether you are a full-time or casual coworker - your Studio membership is all-inclusive. 

Get away from distractions with 24/7 access to the workspace & gym.

Wellness Culture

The SL Studio is a place to prioritize personal development and redefine your work-life-balance.

Scale your business

You have our full support as you grow your business. From our amenities like podcast equipment and the ring light, to our extended network of young professionals.

We also support our Frederick personal trainers. We would love to help you grow your brand and your name. 

Local to Frederick

One day we would love to be

"the healthiest building in Frederick".

We are Locally owned & operated with a mission to help people prioritize their personal development in order to achieve more at work and in life.

Amenities & Values

Elevate your workout experience with a private gym.

Don't wait on equipment and come when it fits your schedule - we are open 24/7.

Private Gym


Standing desks, reservable meeting room, phone booth, indoor & outdoor lounge.

Podcast equipment, high speed internet, printing, office supplies, healthy snacks, free coffee, & more.
Meditate, nap, disconnect, stretch & explore the Wellness Room as you smell a blend of essential oils.

A safe space to work on your mental & emotional wellness.

Wellness Room


Feel a sense of belonging within our uplifting community.
It is powerful & inspiring to work alongside people who prioritize personal development in order to achieve more at work and in life.