meet your future coworkers

All are welcome here. We love having coworkers from a variety of industries in the Studio. It's fun making new connections when all your coworkers are thriving to be their best selves. Our community will welcome you and help you thrive.  We'd like to introduce you to some of our coworkers and their specialties...


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My name is Elaina Lyons, and I'm the owner of Lyons Share

Marketing, LLC, based here in Frederick. In addition to being a small business owner, I'm also a volunteer firefighter and avid gymgoer.

My business specializes in marketing and advertising for small

businesses and nonprofits looking to build brand awareness in the community.


contact me here: | 240-357-4371

IG @lyons_share_marketingllc  | FB @lyonssharemarketingllc.



Self Development

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My name is Kwame Asante; I am the founder of Kill Negativity Make Advancements BrandCo (KNMA BrandCo).

Our mission at KNMA Brand Co is to become a statement brand representing overall development towards a better self physically and mentally.

KNMA BrandCo is a brand with a unique approach to personal growth, clothing, community development, and fitness. We are aiming to build confidence in self-worth and image with help from an extensive network.


SL Coworkers are offered discount on Sessions, Workout Programming, Apparel 


Contact Info: | 415-862-0740

IG @knma25 | FB @KNMA Brandco. 


Studio Partners

Our partners resonate with the SL Studio community and our values and offer their support on your journey to reach your full potential with resources, perks, and special events.


We chose our Studio partners based on

| our experience with the business/ individuals

| making sure we support each others mission

| making sure this added resource will benefit you

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