Personal Training


Looking for a fun outside workout?

My Squadstyle workouts are for the summer only and take place either at Baker Park or at the SL Studio in Frederick. There is no membership or commitment required, you simply sign up through a link and pay for the class you would like to attend.

We start classes in spring and continue till fall depending on weather.

Fill out the contact form if you would like to know the dates for our future classes.

Our workouts last an hour and are for any age and fitness level. There are modifications available so you can challenge yourself at the intensity you want. 


We will host one to two classes per month. Sign-ups are through an Eventbrite link which I can send you or you can lookup "Squadstyle workouts" on


For any more questions, fill out the contact form. 

In-Person training takes place at Hannah's private studio in Frederick, MD. I work with any ages and fitness levels and will create a program that is personalized to your needs.

I value personal training because my goal is to help you improve your life quality. Yes, the looks that come with it are amazing but the biggest accomplishment to me is when my clients talk about how their every day life is changing.

The relationship I build with my clients is important to me. I want to help you become a better version of yourself and to do so I like to establish trust and know as much about you as you are willing to share. 

Click here to see my beautiful studio and contact me with your inquiry. At this moment I am looking to accept two more clients. 

We offer structured programs for you to become the healthiest version of yourself with our accountability and guidance along the way.

Members of Squadstyle Lifestyle learn a new approach to health and wellness that gets you away from diets and creates healthy habits that are maintainable for the rest of your life. 

Train hard, be consistent, have an efficient approach, and learn what is best for YOUR body.

Let’s live an enjoyable healthy lifestyle together in Squadstyle.