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What does SL stand for?

"SQUADSTYLE" The most important part to me.

We are stronger together as a 'squad'!

If you are in the Squad you are part of a community where hard working people join together to become the best version of themselves. 

I am here to encourage you to never compromise on your dreams. Let me and the SL coworkers help you crush your goals in all aspects of life. 

We can do this in Squadstyle!

"LIFESTYLE"  It's a way of living.

If you want to live healthy and be happy you have to adjust the way you are living!

Create new habits, set new standards, always work towards a better you, and don't settle. Because when you are truly happy in all aspects of life and you have established a new way of living that will make you thrive. 

SL stands for Squadstyle Lifestyle which started as Hannah's Personal Training Brand and expanded into the SL Studio. 

What does SL stand for?

About the Owner

Hannah grew up in Germany and moved to the US in 2015. She has been caring about health & wellness her entire life.

Growing up as a professional dancer she won her States, Germanys and Europeans championships multiple times.


Over time her dedication to movement persuaded towards a more wholesome approach to health and wellness which led to the creation of Squadstyle Lifestyle - her personal training brand. 

After three years of training her brand expanded into the SL Studio. Frederick's first coworking space with private gym.

Hannah is excited to continue inspiring and impacting the Squadstyle Lifestyle community to live their happiest life and be their best selves.

*for training inquires and questions click here

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I created Squadstyle because of my own weight loss journey. When I came to the US I gained 12 pounds (6kg) and felt extremely uncomfortable with myself.


I looked for a quick fix and tried different diets but none of them were maintainable. That's why I started educating myself about a healthy way to lose weight. 


Half a year later I lost 12 pounds and kept them off. Now I feel great, energetic, and healthy.


There is no quick fix and if you want to be happy and feel good long term then you have to change your lifestyle. 


I know it is not easy, and that is exactly the reason why I am here. I will educate you how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle without going through these Ups and Downs. 

I will help you switch your mindset and love yourself just like you are. Which leads us to the next point...

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