Elaina Lyons

Owner | Lyons Share Marketing

My name is Elaina Lyons, and I'm the owner of Lyons Share Marketing, LLC, based here in Frederick. In addition to being a small business owner, I'm also a volunteer firefighter and avid gymgoer.

My business specializes in marketing and advertising for small businesses and nonprofits looking to build brand awareness in the community.

What I love about the Studio is the atmosphere. It's a great place to get work done in a professional setting without feeling stuffy or sterile. Working from home has its advantages, but having an office space to hold meetings is very helpful for small business owners like myself.

My best tip to be healthy and happy... Create a routine and stick with it, but make sure it's manageable and something you enjoy doing. If you hate running, creating a routine of running every day probably won't be successful for you. Do something your mind and body finds enjoyment and fulfillment in, and make that your thing. And remember that balance is essential in everything. Overworking yourself can only last a short amount of time. We're machines, too! We can't go-go-go indefinitely. Eventually we all need a break, so make sure to take yours frequently so you don't burn out! This includes exercise! Lastly, never skimp on things you enjoy. Life is short. Do what makes you happy.

Elaina Lyons