Grow your business in a private environment

Check out our layout to get an overview of the Studio. A coworking experience that offers a private gym combined with a modern workspace to encourage your healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to provide all resources it takes for you to thrive personally and professionally. That includes podcast equipment, complementary coffee & snacks, a wellness room, and more. Some ways trainers use the Studio is for their content creation, hosting a client get-together, recording workouts and exercises, programming, marketing, networking, and of course, working with clients. 

Let's talk Gym!

As you can see in some of our pictures we are based around functional fitness. We work mostly with free weights and also have two cable machines. Our equipment is custom made and gives you the feeling of a high-end private gym. Yes, it's awesome to train your clients here and they will love it BUT it is also so fun working out around other professionals without any interruptions you'd have in public gyms. Did I mention we have an outdoor space as well?!

Our Layout

SL Studio Floor Plan.png
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your coworking membership is based around how many times per week/month you would use the space.

The Studio is open 24/7 - you can come as you please with your own access code.

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SL Coworker

Membership includes access to the Studio and all it's resources 24/7.

Enrollment Fee $49


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SL Part-Time Coworker

Membership includes access to the Studio and all it's resources

3 days/week.

Enrollment Fee $49


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SL Casual 

Membership includes access to the Studio and all it's resources

2 days/week.

Enrollment Fee $49


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Punch Pass

This is for your existing clients to use the gym on additional days without you.

Some trainers use this punch pass to sell in-person training mixed with programming.

Access for your client is limited to the gym only for up to two hours.




$12 per client hour

Group Setting:

$8 for the second person

$5 for every person after that

| Clients have to fill out the waiver

| Clients may have their own access code

| Billing is based on the calendar bookings



Dedicated Desk

Your private space within the Studio.

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How do client commissions work?

In the Studio's members portal you will have your own training calendar. This is where you book your client sessions and help the Studio reflect the occupancy of the private gym. Some of your coworkers use the schedule to plan their own workouts and we use it to plan cleaning hours, events, and billing. You are invoiced monthly based on how many client hours you served. Some trainers raise their prices to make up for the booking rate and some trainers include it in their service. 

Bonus value: All virtual classes and consultations are complementary and don't need to be reflected in the calendar.

Building your own brand

All are welcome here! No matter if you have trained for years and are an established trainer or if you just found your passion for training and are starting from scratch. We are here to help you grow your own brand. Hannah's passion (and the reason why she opened the SL Studio) is to help other trainers be independent and successful so that you can make a living doing what you love. She will help with any questions you may have about building your own brand and company through scheduled business consultations or casual questions. We are all here to live healthy and be happy and help others do the same.


The Studio has and amazing community with coworkers from different industries that helps because 

1| some coworkers may want to train with you - or help you spread the word to their broad network

2| you cowork amongst awesome people who all care about their health and wellness

3| since you have coworkers with different backgrounds (business development, IT, marketing, personal training, etc.), you will naturally thrive personally & professionally and also be able to seek educated advice within the Studio.